Age Control Policy

Vector Group Age Control Policy

It is the Company’s position – through its tobacco subsidiaries Liggett Group LLC and Vector Tobacco Inc. – that tobacco use in general and cigarette smoking in particular are adult activities, and that no one below legal age should smoke cigarettes or otherwise use tobacco products. Accordingly, the Company reiterates its long-standing policy that it will not engage in tobacco product advertising, marketing or promotion that is directed toward or intended to appeal to persons below age 21. In addition, the Company is a party to the Master Settlement Agreement (“MSA”). It is the policy of the Company to comply with all of its obligations under the MSA, including those provisions intended to reduce or eliminate youth access to and use of tobacco products.

Age Control Policy for Vector Group Websites

Vector Group’s tobacco subsidiaries are deeply committed to marketing their products to adult smokers only.

Notification of Age Restricted Site – Vector Group’s tobacco subsidiaries provide notification to the user on their respective websites that they are age restricted sites intended for smokers 21 years of age or older. This notification appears on the first page that visitors see when they come to the site.

Audit Results – All controls are tested to ensure they are effective at limiting access. Further, Vector Group is investigating additional controls to determine their effectiveness.

Age Verification – Age verification is done on a regular basis to all registered visitors by comparing the registration list. Visitors that are found to be under 21 years of age have their user ID’s revoked and are added to under age suppression. No visitor will be shipped information or product until they have been age verified.